The University Record, June 25, 1996

U-M-Dearborn receives $90,000 from Chrysler Corp.

The Schools of Engineering and Management at the U-M-Dearborn received grants totaling $90,000 from the Chrysler Corp. Fund for scholarships, educational programs and engineering facilities.

"This contribution from the Chrysler Corp. Fund will give opportunities to minority and women engineering students who will be able to take advantage of programs offered by the School's Center for Engineering Education and Practice," according to Chancellor James C. Renick. "Part of the grant also will help fund management programs and initiatives."

"We are pleased to support U-M-Dearborn and extend our best wishes for every deserved success in your continued efforts on the University's behalf," says Robert P. Marcell, general manager of small car platform engineering for Chrysler Corp.

The School of Engineering received $14,000 for minority and women scholarships, and programs; $20,000 for engineering development; $41,000 for engineering facilities; and $15,000 for the School of Management.