The University Record, March 12, 1996

Regents name Presidential Search Advisory Committee

By Rebecca A. Doyle

Jeffrey S. Lehman, dean of the Law School, will chair the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC).

The Regents met Feb. 28 and March 1 as the Presidential Search Committee to finalize the selection criteria for the next president of the University, to agree on wording for the charge to the advisory committee and to determine the membership of t hat committee.

The PSAC, composed of seven faculty members, two staff members, a graduate student, an undergraduate student and one alumnus, accepted the challenge and met in closed session immediately following the March 1 meeting with the Regents.

The advisory committee will recruit candidates and conduct an initial review of their qualifications in closed sessions. The committee is charged with providing to the Regents by September a list of all candidates for the position and an unranked list of five or more recommended candidates.

Regent Shirley M. McFee, co-chair of the Regents' Presidential Search Committee with Regent Nellie M. Varner, cautioned advisory committee members about the need for confidentiality in their search proceedings and asked them to pay special attenti on to circumstances in which they unintentionally may reveal information on the progress of the search.

"I'm not concerned with any of you going to the press or that kind of thing," McFee said. "What I do want to caution you about is that leaks occur usually through just casual conversation or in social interaction with a close frien d, a spouse and so forth.

"I urge you not to carry the conversations out of the room in which you conduct these reviews outside of that room, even with your closest associates."

Varner spoke to advisory committee members about the qualifications needed by the president of a large research university, many of which were derived from forums the Regents held in December and January at all U-M campuses, in Detroit and in Gran d Rapids.

"We need a president who will lead the University in the development and articulation of the values of a shared mission," Varner told the advisory committee. "Someone who can enhance and support and further develop the teaching and research components of the institution."

Varner also urged the advisory committee to look for someone who is committed to the concepts of the Michigan Mandate and the Agenda for Women.

When the advisory committee has concluded its search and review of candidates and the full slate is presented to the Presidential Search Committee, all interviews will be held in open sessions. McFee asked the advisory committee to find qualified candidates who are willing to be considered under those circumstances.

President James J. Duderstadt's resignation from the presidency is effective June 30. Vice President for Research Homer A. Neal will assume leadership of the University until the office is filled.

Presidential Search Advisory Committee members:

Jeffrey S. Lehman, dean of the Law School and professor of law and of public policy; Huda Akil, the Gardner C. Quarton Professor of Neurosciences and professor of psychiatry; Paul N. Courant, professor of economics and of public policy; Nora Faire s, associate professor of history;

James S. Jackson, the Daniel Katz Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and LS&A associate dean for minority recruitment and retention; Fawwaz T. Ulaby, the R. Jamison and Betty Williams Professor of Engineering and professor of ele ctrical engineering and computer science; Martha J. Vicinus, the Eliza M. Mosher Distinguished University Professor of English and professor of women's studies and of history;

Allan D. Gilmour (MBA '59), vice chair, retired, of Ford Motor Co.; Mary Anne Drew, administrative associate, College of Architecture and Urban Planning; Nathan B. Norman, manager, Building Services; Jennifer M. Norris, LS&A third-year student in biology; and Doneka R. Scott, graduate student in the College of Pharmacy.