The University Record, March 12, 1996

New 647 exchange replaces 747 numbers at U-M

By Bruce Spiher
Information Technology Division

 A new telephone exchange number has become available on the University's Ann Arbor campus. The new exchange number, 647, will replace the 747 exchange number. The changeover to the new exchange is expected to be completed by Nov. 30.

If your University phone number begins with 747, it will automatically be converted to the 647 exchange number. Offices that currently have 747 numbers need take no action to make this occur.

This change is taking place because the U-M will soon be out of telephone numbers to fulfill requests for telephone service on campus. The University currently owns nearly half of the 747 exchange; the remainder is used by local businesses and households. The U-M will trade its 747 numbers to Ameritech in exchange for all phone numbers in the 647 exchange. Because all the 647 numbers will belong to University-related offices, this new exchange number will reduce the confusion caused by shared ownership of the 747 exchange. The 647 numbers are currently working. This means that if someone has a 747 number, they now can be reached either at their 747-XXXX number or at the 647-XXXX number.

This change in phone exchange number will have no impact on people dialing University numbers internally, because only the last five digits are dialed. From a dialing standpoint, this change will only affect people outside the campus who dial University numbers. After the conversion is completed, a generic recording will advise callers who dial the old 747 exchange number of the new number.

Offices that currently have 747 exchange numbers will need to change any documents, directories and advertising that includes their phone numbers. This includes stationery, business cards and yellow-page listings. Also, people will need to change any 747 numbers that they have programmed as seven-digit numbers into their automatic dialers, modems and fax machines. If these numbers are programmed as five-digit internal University numbers, they need not be changed.

Watch for more information about this in coming months. If you have questions, call 763-2000.