The University Record, March 12, 1996

Housing extends residence hall
move-out deadline to May 4

Student residence hall leases that were scheduled to expire at 9 p.m. May 2 have been extended to noon May 4, says William J. Zeller, director of Housing.

In the past, the end of students' leases had always been the last day of scheduled final examinations, allowing only 24 hours for Housing staff to prepare for the spring/summer term influx of students. Winter term residents who had examinations scheduled for the last exam day had only a few hours to pack and leave.

"While we still need to be ready quickly for spring term residents," Zeller says, "we feel it is important to give [students] adequate time to both study for finals and pack for returning home."

Rules and regulations as stipulated in the Community Living at Michigan handbook remain in force until students have checked out. Students who live in residence halls, including graduating seniors, should plan to vacate their rooms within 24 hours of their last final examinations, but in no case will there be extensions beyond noon on May 4 except for:


Current residents who have signed a spring term lease. These students may remain in their rooms at no additional charge until May 6, when spring/summer housing begins in Mary Markley Residence Hall.


Residents in academic units whose calendar year extends beyond the deadline may remain in their rooms but will be assessed a per diem room charge.

For more information, call the Housing Information Office, 763-3164.