The University Record, March 19, 1996

Pearson receives Susan B. Anthony Award

Sheryl S. Pearson, associate professor of English language and literature at the U-M-Dearborn, received the campus' Susan B. Anthony Award at a Feb. 29 ceremony.

The Susan B. Anthony Award is "presented to an individual whose life and deeds exemplify the dedicated efforts, fortitude, forcefulness and involvement of Susan B. Anthony, who challenged inequities suffered by women in society and who have l ed the nation to recognize human rights," according to the award criteria.

Pearson, a member of the U-M-Dearborn faculty since 1976, has been elected chair of the Department of Humanities on three separate occasions. She was instrumental in developing the campus' Women's Studies Program, and served as director of the pr ogram in 1993­94, as well as being a member of the program's advisory committee since its inception.

Pearson also has co-chaired the U-M-Dearborn Women's Commission, a group of faculty and staff working to promote equity for women on campus.

Kathryn Anderson-Levitt, associate professor of anthropology, succeeded Pearson as director of the Women's Studies Program. "I understand more fully how thoughtful and creative Sheryl is, and what insight she has about the political process, " Anderson-Levitt said. "And I understand how deeply and passionately she is committed to creating equity for women in staff, faculty and administrative roles at U-M-Dearborn, and to making this campus a hospitable environment for women student s."

Some of the courses Pearson has taught include "English and American Literature by Women," and "Contemporary Women Authors," in addition to traditional courses in literature and communication.

Dozens of letters endorsing Pearson for the award were received from faculty, staff, students and alumni.