The University Record, March 26, 1996

Note: This feature appears semi-regularly in The Record. See bottom of this article for more information.

The Institute of Continuing Legal Education has a web page with the full text of Michigan Supreme Court opinions issued from Oct. 1, 1995. This includes all opinions issued by the court since the beginning of its 1995­96 term. As of April 1, t he 1996 Supreme Court orders also will be available at

Information on M-Quality is available on the World Wide Web and the U-M's gopher server. Background on M-Quality, descriptions of many teams and articles from the University Record can be found at gopher:// mqual.

Information on the 1995 M-Quality Expo can be found at gopher://

The address for information on the 1994 M-Quality Expo, including photos, is

Information about the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) conducted by the Institute for Social Research is accessible through a Web page. The site provides access to data, news, publications and other sites connected with the study, a survey of nearly 13,000 people age 50­63 designed to paint a comprehensive portrait of an aging America. The address is

Numerous links to web sites covering the 1996 elections are available on the Internet: ElectionLine provides full coverage of the Michigan primary, AllPolitics also provides information on the Michigan primary, and the Detroit News site provides coverage of state government elections at