The University Record, May 21, 1996

PSAC issues report on presidential search

Jeffrey S. Lehman, dean of the Law School and chair of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC), presented the committee's first progress report to the Presidential Search Committee (PSC) last Friday.

Lehman said that the search is on track, and he is happy with how the process is working. "We have already accumulated a large number of impressive prospects and the list is growing every day."

He cited several "parallel tracks" the PSAC is following to ensure the success of its goal.


Mechanics of process. Lehman said that the committee has a well-functioning office, an effective relationship with the search consultant and has sought advice from the Office of the General Counsel.


Outreach. PSAC has advertised the position in national publications; has met with student leaders and focus groups, academic leaders and alumni; and a letter has been sent to faculty asking for suggestions and they have met with academic leadership. These outreach efforts will continue through the summer.


"Development of a robust and diverse list of prospects." PSAC has received and continues to receive many names and applications.


Deliberation. The process is just beginning. "Each member of the committee understands and is committed to maintaining confidentiality," he noted.

Lehman expects to report back to the PSC with a list of prospects and an "especially distinguished list of five candidates" by Sept. 1.