The University Record, November 6, 1995

Update: Vision plan improved, dental plan changes name

From the Benefits Office

New benefit added to vision plan

Davis Vision, the vendor that administers the U-M's vision benefits, has added disposable or planned replacement contact lenses as a benefit, with a $55 copayment. All contact lens replacement orders now can be made by calling 1-800-LENS-123.

It's not too late!

The new benefit, just announced by Davis Vision, will be available to faculty and staff members who wish to add vision care to their benefits during the adjustment period, Nov. 13-Dec. 1. Call the Benefits Enrollment Line (BEL) and select vision coverage. Those who already have selected the vision care option need not take any action. Any changes in coverage made during the adjustment period will be reflected on the final confirmation statement, which will be mailed only to those faculty and staff members who change a selection during the Nov. 13-Dec. 1 period.

Disposable lenses will include an initial supply of lenses (six per eye) and a care kit for proper cleaning and maintenance. NewVue, Accuvue, Surevue and Seequence contact lenses will be available through the plan. Prescriptions called in to 1-800-LENS-123 will be filled right away, and orders for lenses or solutions will be shipped anywhere the same day.

Two brands are available for planned replacement lenses: Focus provides an initial supply of six lenses, and Medalist provides an initial supply of four lenses.

The new benefit will save members up to 50 percent on all name-brand contact lenses and offers a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

If you have questions about the Vision Plan, call Davis Vision, 1-800-999-5431, or the Benefits Office, 763-1214.

Dental plan changes name

The Enhanced Dental Plan will be called the Mutually Preferred Dental Plan beginning Jan. 1. Faculty and staff who are members of the plan should expect to see this name in all future correspondence about the plan.

The plan was never meant to be just an enhanced version of the dental assistance plan, Benefits staff note, and the new name reflects more accurately its coverage for members.

Faculty and staff with questions about the dental plan should call Mutual of Omaha, 1-800-228-9114.

For questions about these benefits or others, or to inquire about a provider, call the Benefits Office at 763-1214.