The University Record, November 6, 1995

20% energy savings plan returns more than $300,000 to participating units

The University's 20 percent plan, which returns 20 percent of energy savings to schools and colleges that cut their energy costs, is returning an even larger amount to energy-conscious units this year.

At the end of fiscal year 1995, payments of $300,935 are being distributed among the 22 general fund units that pared down electricity or steam use. Last year, 24 units shared in the $277,487 saved in energy costs.

"This means that many units were able to improve their savings, while two units increased their energy use beyond their baseline and won't receive 20 percent plan funds for fiscal year 1995," notes David Anderson, coordinator of energy management.

The total savings figure is up nearly 8 percent over last year, indicating the increase per unit in savings. A total of 27 General Fund units participate in the plan.

As last year, the Medical School receives the largest amount---$85,056. LS&A receives $50,854, Engineering gets $45,993, the Office of the Provost receives $33,210 and the University Library has $23,053.

"We would like to remind everyone that fiscal year 1996 will qualify for payments under the 20 percent plan, too," Anderson says. "We look forward to greater energy saving efforts this year, along with larger rebates at the end of fiscal year 1996."

Anderson also notes that those who have ideas on energy savings and need help with implementation should contact the Utilities Department, 764-2492.