The University Record, November 13, 1995

1995-96 salary increases average 4 percent

Faculty and staff salary increases at the University this year averaged 4 percent, according to the University's Salary Record released today (Nov. 13).

The average increase for faculty members was 4 percent, ranging from 2.9 percent at the Medical School to 6.2 percent at the Law School.

The average increase for staff members at the Ann Arbor campus was 4.1 percent, ranging from 4 percent for Professional/Administrative (grade 11-17) employees to 4.2 percent for office and technical employees.

For the deans, the average increase was 5.3 percent, ranging from 3.4 percent for Robert Beckley of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning to 7.3 percent for B. Joseph White of the School of Business Administration.

The average merit increase for top administrators (executive officers and vice provosts) was 5.8 percent, ranging from 4.4 percent for Vice Provost Douglas Van Houweling and Vice Provost Rhetaugh Graves Dumas to 7 percent for Vice President Thomas Kinnear, Dearborn Chancellor James Renick and Flint Chancellor Charlie Nelms. (President James J. Duderstadt received a 5 percent merit increase, along with an equity adjustment funded from non-General Fund sources.)

For 1995-96, all Ann Arbor campus units received a 2 percent General Fund increase from the University for salary increases. Units were encouraged to supplement the increase with internal funds.

All salaries listed in the Salary Record are as of Oct. 1.

Copies of the salary record are available for review at the University Reserve Service, third floor, Shapiro Library, and at the Reference Desk, second floor, Hatcher Graduate Library.