The University Record, November 21, 1995

Presidential search forum set;
McFee, Varner are co-chairs

The Regents unanimously passed a resolution at their November meeting that names the Board of Regents a committee of the whole to find a new president for the University. Following passage of the resolution, they named Regents Shirley M. McFee and Nellie M. Varner as co-chairs.

"Resolved, that pursuant to the provisions in Section 1.07 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents, a committee of the whole to be known as the Presidential Search Committee consisting of Regents Deane Baker, Laurence B. Deitch, Daniel D. Horning, Shirley M. McFee, Rebecca McGowan, Andrea Fischer Newman, Philip H. Power and Nellie M. Varner, or the successor in office of each such person, be and is hereby established.

"The Committee shall consider all matters in connection with selecting a president and shall have the power and authority to take such steps and perform such acts as may be necessary and proper to carry out its assignment.

"The Committee shall elect such chairpersons as may be appropriate."