The University Record, November 21, 1995

CRISP appointments a problem for those
who don't use e-mail

By Rebecca A. Doyle

Students anxious to register for winter term classes called both the Office of the Registrar and 4-HELP, the Information Technology Division's (ITD) help line, for computer-related problems last week.

Electronic mail messages were sent in October to the University's 23,000 undergraduate students and 13,000 students enrolled in professional or graduate programs telling them of the times they could begin to register using the phone-in registratio n lines.

But 5,122 of them never received the message, says Kortney P. Briske, because they did not have e-mail addresses or had invalid addresses. Briske, senior systems analyst in the Office of the Registrar, says that a second e-mail message was sent N ov. 9, following a letter mailed to the students urging them to have their e-mail addresses updated or registered, but 4,400 students still did not have e-mail addresses. The letter noted that students should call the 4-HELP line to find out how to fix o r enter their e-mail addresses, and Elizabeth Sweet, manager for ITD's user services says that many students have called. About 15 percent of the 4-HELP calls since Nov. 10 have been from students requesting help to register their e-mail addresses, she s ays.

A notice was printed in the fall catalog of classes, notes Lynn R. Adelman, assistant registrar, telling students that they would be sent their CRISP times by electronic mail. "We are urging students to use the e-mail system," he says.

Despite the large number of students who do use electronic mail regularly, and the 5,000 students who received letters when their e-mail addresses were not found, ITD officials speculate that there may be a number of students who have never or rar ely used e-mail and may not be aware that there are messages waiting for them.

In addition to electronic mail messaging, the information on CRISP times is available through Wolverine Access, a program that is available at all the University computing sites.

To connect to Wolverine Access, double click on the Wolverine Access icon on any Macintosh computer at the sites. The Student Business menu contains all of the student's records, including a category for CRISP appointments, which will tell the st udent when to CRISP. The CRISP information menu allows the student to find out which classes are available and the sections that are closed.

A uniqname and umich password are required to use Wolverine Access. They are available from the ITD accounts office, in the lower level of the Michigan Union.

Students can register until the first day of classes---Jan. 10---without penalty.