The University Record, November 21, 1995

Personal home pages have new URL

From the Information Technology Digest

 Over the past year, members of the U-M community have been able to create their own World-Wide Web home pages and publish those pages through the World-Wide Web server, which is provided and maintained by the Information Technology Division (ITD).

As the World-Wide Web continues to grow, so do the number of personal home pages and the network traffic they generate. On, network traffic levels increased by a factor of almost five between April and July.

To guarantee better performance for the personal home pages and for departmental and organizational home pages, which also are published through, ITD is providing a separate server for personal home pages. The new server's domain name is

This means that URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) for personal home pages have changed from: to: ~uniqname/, where uniqname is your uniqname.

For at least one year, ITD will provide a service that will redirect requests for personal pages at old URLs to the new URLs. Since this redirection service will keep the old URLs working for at least a year, there are just a few things you should do right away. The rest can be done at your convenience. Note that if you maintain a set of group or departmental home pages served by, no action is required. If you are unsure whether the pages you maintain are in group or individual file space, send your URL in an e-mail message to

 What you need to do soon

Before Dec. 1 you should review your pages as served by the new personal pages server. To do this, open the URL, where uniqname is your uniqname. You should especially check that the links on your page work correctly. If you have questions, send electronic mail to What you need to do eventually

At your convenience (but before November 1996), you'll want to take the following steps:

 If you have placed your personal home page URL in your X.500 entry, you should update it with the new URL. You can do this by using maX.500 for the Macintosh, waX.500 for Windows, or the User Directory (ud) program on the ITD Login Service. Replace the "More Info" attribute with your updated URL and a label.

 If you have your URL listed with external (non-University) services such as Yahoo, give them your new URL.

Review the links in your page(s) to make sure they point to the right places.

For more information:

If you have questions about this change, send electronic mail to For any related late-breaking news, point your web browser at