The University Record, November 21, 1995

Nabel, Owyang appointed to named professorships

Two Medical School faculty members---Gary J. Nabel and Chung Ow-yang---have been appointed to named professorships.

Nabel, professor of internal medicine and of biological chemistry, will hold the Henry Sewall Professorship in Medicine. Owyang, professor of internal medicine, will hold the H. Marvin Pollard Collegiate Professorship of Gastroenterology. Both a ppointments, effective Dec. 1, were approved by the Regents at their November meeting.

"Dr. Nabel is an accomplished investigator who has demonstrated the highest level of creativity," said Giles G. Bole, dean of the Medical School. "His scientific activities span a spectrum from basic retrovirology to gene regulation to human gene therapy. He is a nationally and internationally recognized scientist and educator who has made valuable contributions to this institution and to the scientific community at large.

"Dr. Nabel clearly is a unique and innovative individual who has brought prominence to this institution as one of the premier investigators in the area of the molecular biological approach to human physiology and human diseases." He joined the U-M in 1987.

Owyang came to the U-M in 1978. "In addition to his excellence as an educator, investigator and clinician, Dr. Owyang has an impressive record of administrative service in the Department of Internal Medicine," Bole said. "From 1984 to 1991, he served as associate chief of the Division of Gastroenterology and was named Division Chief of Gastroenterology in 1991.

"Dr. Owyang is an outstanding leader in the field of gastroenterology. Over the years, he has directed the Division of Gastroenterology at the U-M to a position of national prominence in the field."