The University Record, November 21, 1995


EECS faculty receive major awards
The International Microwave Theory and Techniques Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers recently announced the recipients of its highest awards.

John H. Bryant, adjunct research scientist, received the Microwave Career Award Citation "for leadership in the miniaturization of microwave circuits and interconnections, and for pioneer historical research on radar and the work of Heinrich Hertz."

Linda P.B. Katehi, professor of electrical engineering and computer science; John F. Whitaker, associate research scientist, and graduate students C.H. Cheng and Tom Weller received the 1996 Microwave Prize for their paper, "Terahertz-Bandwidth Characteristics of Coplanar Transmission Lines on Low-Permittivity Substrates," IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques.

George I. Haddad, Robert J. HillerProfessor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the department chair, received the 1996 Distinguished Educator Award "for leadership in teaching, research and the microwave profession."