The University Record, November 21, 1995


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LS&A attempts 'control' through salaries
Back in Soviet communism's growth days, Kremlin power brokers decided that the surest way to control their populace and the technologies being developed across their far-flung domain was to install a party-controllable official in each agency, enterprise and unit. And with the loyalty of these key party members assured by having their salaries and career advancement set by the Communist Party's Central Committee, it was easy to have a party administrator in each unit on hand to identify those willing or unwilling or unmotivated to follow the official party line.

Fast forward to 1995-96. The existing network of LS&A "key administrators," instead of having their salaries set (as had been the case historically) by the academic units in which they serve, suddenly merely have their salaries "recommended" by the units---but, in fact, now set by the LS&A administration.

No amount of department or unit "recommendation" rhetoric can alter the fundamental truth that the ultimate authority over salary will become the primary recipient of the individual's loyalty. Thus, LS&A administration has now created an infrastructure of direct responsiveness in each of its units, ready to heed the clarion call of the LS&A administration and, only secondarily at best, the needs of the units which it is supposed to serve.

Leon P. Zukowski, administrative associate, Department of Mathematics


P.S. In spite of its attempted control of destiny, the Soviet system of surveillance/infiltration failed---and the Soviet Union collapsed.

So, Quo Vadis, LS&A?


Dental plan gets new name
First it was called The Enhanced Dental Plan. As the reader might suspect, this plan eliminated most benefits rather than enhancing them. This so-called "enhanced plan" was so flawed and ill conceived that even the University of M ichigan De ntal School refused to participate in it. Clearly, truth in labeling did not weigh heavily on the minds of those administering the plan. In belated recognition of the deceptive and misleading title, the name of the plan has now been changed (University Record, Nov. 6) to the Mutually Preferred Dental Plan.

This name is equally deceptive and ingenuous. May I suggest a more apt title, the Perpetually Deferred Dental Plan. It's about time we all rise up as a body and expose these purveyors of doublespeak.

Donald H. Gray, professor of civil and environmental engineering