The University Record, October 2, 1995

Bornstein, Sklar named to Collegiate Professorships

George J. Bornstein and Lawrence Sklar have been appointed to LS&A named Collegiate Professorships.

Bornstein, professor of English, will hold the C.A. Patrides Collegiate Professorship of English. Sklar, professor of philosophy, will hold the William K. Frankena Collegiate Professorship of Philosophy. Their appointments were approved by the Regents at their September meeting.

Yeats and Shelley, the first of Prof. Bornstein’s 16 books and editions, established his reputation as one of the leading scholars studying the history and influences of poetry of the last two centuries, from the Romantics to the present,” said LS&A Dean Edie N. Goldenberg.

“Prof. Bornstein has also established a reputation as one of the foremost editors of modernist texts and is the leading authority in the world on the early texts of W.B. Yeats, often considered the greatest poet in English in our century.” Bornstein joined the U-M in 1970.

Sklar has been teaching at Michigan since 1968. “His research is the philosophical understanding of statistical mechanics, and his career contributions to the philosophy of physics generally have no equal,” Goldenberg said. “The mutual interdependence of physics and philosophy has been a major theme of his work throughout his career.

“Both his research and teaching manifest Prof. Sklar’s gift for making technical material in the philosophy of physics accessible to non-specialists, without sacrifice in intellectual rigor.”

The Patrides Professorship is named after C.A. Patrides, professor of English and the G.B. Harrison Professor of English at the U-M from 1978 until his death in 1986. The Frankena Professorship is named in honor of William K. Frankena, professor of philosophy from 1937 to his retirement in 1978.