The University Record, October 9, 1995

Six granted emeritus status

Six faculty members were given the emeritus title by the Regents at their September meeting.

Those retiring are David R. Bassett, associate professor of internal medicine; Harriet A. Burge, associate research scientist in the Department of Internal Medicine; Sylvie J. Carduner, lecturer III in French and director of the French Language Program in the Residential College; Robert A. Green, professor of internal medicine; Dorothy J. Himmelberger, associate librarian at the U-M-Flint; and Nicholas P. White, professor of philosophy.

David R. Bassett

“Dr. Bassett’s hyperlipidemia program within the Division of Hypertension became a major referral and training center in atherosclerosis prevention and coronary risk reduction,” the Regents noted.

“Dr. Bassett’s concept that an individual’s lipid and blood sugar status should be the basis for both prevention and clinical services is reflected in his work on standardization of laboratory methods and in the organization of outreach screening programs for atherosclerosis risk factors.” He joined the U-M in 1968.

Harriet A. Burge

Burge joined Michigan’s faculty in 1972. “During their 25-year collaboration, she and Dr. William Solomon systematically evaluated the prevalence and clinical impact of a broad range of airborne allergens,” the Regents said.

“Dr. Burge’s painstaking studies of differential bioparticulate recoveries by mechanical sampling devices were especially critical to the success of this effort. Her work facilitated initial clinical appraisal of many important fungus materials, and she also conducted productive studies of pollen, mite and insect allergens.”

Sylvie J. Carduner

Carduner joined the faculty in 1971. “For 21 years, Ms. Carduner served as head of the Residential College’s French Program,” the Regents said. “Under her expert guidance, students enjoyed a vigorous and rewarding education in French, while teaching assistants and lecturers profited from her expertise in teaching.

“She is the co-author of several language textbooks, workbooks, language readers, and articles on second-language learning. Her students have been consistent in their enthusiastic commendation of her excellence as a teacher.”

Robert A. Green

Green, who joined the U-M in 1958, served as assistant dean of the Medical School in 1967–68, associate dean for student affairs in 1968–74 and associate dean in 1974–77.

“Dr. Green has received numerous awards for his teaching contributions, including the Senior Award from the 1963 Class of Medical Students, the H. Marvin Pollard Award for outstanding teacher of residents in 1966, rating among the top 10 attending faculty in internal medicine in 1984–85, and more recently, the Galens Medical Society’s Silver Shovel Award in 1992 and the Kaiser Permanente Award for Excellence in Teaching Clinical Sciences in 1992,” the Regents noted.

Dorothy J. Himmelberger

Himmelberger joined the U-M-Flint Library in 1977. “In addition to her faithful and important work at the reference desk assisting students and faculty in their use of the resources of the library system, Ms. Himmelberger served as liaison with a variety of academic departments, including art, music, philosophy and education,” the Regents said.

“She was responsible for book selection in those disciplines, along with religion, dance and children’s literature. Ms. Himmelberger also was responsible for compiling and scheduling library displays, including the library’s annual holiday display of new and classical children’s books.”

Nicholas P. White

White joined the faculty in 1969. “His wide-ranging interests in contemporary metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language, and ethics have infused his research and teaching over the years,” the Regents said.

“A world leader in the field of classical philosophy, Prof. White was president of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy in 1986–87. He has served as consultant to the dean at the Georgetown University Law Center and as a member of the Advisory Committee, American Academy of Judicial Education, National Endowment for the Humanities Project on Jurisprudence.”