The University Record, October 9, 1995

FACULTY AWARDS: Reynolds Farley, Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

A recognized leader among social scientists who study race relations in the United States, Reynolds Farley is among the top echelon of social demographers, a leading authority on the demography of African Americans, and a penetrating and creative analyst of racial and ethnic relations over the past 40 years. His pioneering studies of the causes and implications of massive and continuing racial segregation have enlightened the national discourse on social policies concerning families, welfare, health and education.

Professor Farley’s research reflects careful attention to scholarship and craftsmanship. One of the most frequently cited sociologists in the country, his research has appeared in prestigious journals in sociology, demography, and related fields. Professor Farley’s contributions have been nationally recognized with many awards, including election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and to the presidency of the Population Association of America.

Professor Farley is viewed as a superb researcher, a generous colleague, a professional leader, and someone whose work can be relied upon to set high standards of quality. His analysis always remains accessible and comprehensible to wide audiences, despite its penetrating precision and capacity for moving the limits of theory and concepts in his field. He has devoted countless hours to providing helpful advice to the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the National Academy of Sciences Panel on the Study of Black Americans, presenting testimony to various U.S. Congressional committees, and serving national professional organizations, including the American Statistical Association.

A highly dedicated and effective teacher at both the graduate and undergraduate level, Professor Farley is able to synthesize complex information, explaining his ideas in ways students can understand. Lauded by students for his enthusiasm, organization, and ability to convey information clearly, Professor Farley makes himself accessible and approachable, treating all students with respect and sincerity. He also is a generous mentor who nurtures young scholars.

Professor Farley, who served two terms as chair of the Department of Sociology and as acting chair three times, has played a central role in building and maintaining the University of Michigan’s reputation as one of the top universities in the country in research on poverty, inequality, and welfare issues. As a scholar of national reputation, Professor Farley brings great honor to the Population Studies Center, the Department of Sociology, and the entire University community.

Acknowledging his dedication to his students, his service to the Department of Sociology and the Population Studies Center, and his enormous contributions to research and teaching in the social sciences and to our nation’s understanding of race relations, the University is honored to present to Reynolds Farley its Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.