The University Record, October 9, 1995

FACULTY AWARDS: Scott G. Paris, Amoco Foundation Faculty Teaching Award

An inspired and dedicated teacher of undergraduate and graduate students, Scott G. Paris offers a rare blend of passion for the excitement of teaching coupled with an infectious enthusiasm for the ideas, concepts, and research he helps students encounter and master.

Professor Paris regularly receives high ratings from appreciative students for his introductory course in developmental psychology, a course consisting of large lectures and discussion sections. Students regularly comment on his lively lecture style, concern for students, and ability to make classroom and textbook material relevant to their lives. Professor Paris engages and motivates his students to master subject material while instilling in them a desire to continue to learn. Many who take Psychology 350 are so inspired by Professor Paris that they take additional courses in the field.

He frequently volunteers for extra teaching assignments without additional remuneration. A recent example occurred in 1993 when he taught 20 undergraduate students who were interested in learning more about educational innovation in schools and museums. He organized instructional experiences for them involving families, a hands-on biology curriculum in Willow Run Schools, and the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.

Professor Paris is equally effective as a teacher and mentor of graduate students. A key faculty member in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology, an interdisciplinary graduate training program in educational psychology, Professor Paris teaches the first-year proseminar, which provides the ground work for subsequent study. He provides the students with rigorous training in the full spectrum of educational psychology. Professor Paris has played a major role in helping the program develop its curriculum. The Combined Program is considered the best such graduate training program in the country in large part due to Professor Paris’ commitment and dedication.

Professor Paris’ research on the teaching and learning of literacy is internationally known. He presents his research to larger forums, sharing his insights with teachers in workshops around the country. He also talks with parent groups about teaching, learning, and development. Professor Paris is the author of a widely used and well respected introductory textbook on child development, now in its sixth edition. When the book is used at the University of Michigan, Professor Paris applies his royalties to lower the cost of additional course pack materials for students in the course.

In recognition of his deep commitment to educating young people at all levels and to finding the best means of doing so, the University of Michigan proudly bestows upon Scott Paris its Amoco Foundation Faculty Teaching Award.