The University Record, October 16, 1995

As of January, no MTS e-mail, Confer for most users

If you use an MTS account funded by the Information Technology Division (ITD) Computing Allocation, you need to switch to another e-mail system before January 1996 or begin paying for MTS e-mail and Confer with other funds. In January, MTS accounts that begin with the following letters and nurbers will no longer be able to access the MTS Message System or Confer on MTS: G (faculty request accounts), H (staff request accounts), K-N (departmentally funded), ? (thesis students), 1-4 (one-term courses), 5 (independent study and ongoing classes). 6, 7 (student request accounts). You can continue using the MTS Message System and Confer on MTS by setting up a self-sponsored account. But keep in mind that MTS rates went up 10 percent in September and will go up an additional 90 percent in January. MTS services will be terminated July 1, 1996. No new Confer conferences have been or will be created on MTS this fall. From a peak of more than 35,000, MTS Message System users were down to under 8,000 as of early September. As of that same date, there were 38,000 users of ITD's IMAP email service.

Alternative email and conferencing services are available through the University of Michigan Computing Environment. For help switching to these services, you can go to the InfoTech Expo, held 1-6 p.m. Tuesdays through Nov. in Room 3010, School of Education Bldg. You may also have the option of using email and other services provided by your department, unit, school or college. Check with your department administrator to find out. You do not need to cancel your MTS account when you stop actively using it. Many people use MTS merely to forward to their new e-mail mailbox any e-mail that goes to their old MTS mailbox; there is no charge for this service.