The University Record, October 16, 1995

Neubacher Award presented to three

By Rebecca A. Doyle

 The Neubacher Award was presented to two University students and one faculty member at a ceremony last Tuesday.

Susan Crutchfield and Marcy J. Epstein, both doctoral students in English language and literature, and Joanne Leonard, professor of art, were honored for their parts in organizing the This/Ability conference, held in May.

"The conference was deeply moving, a very special occasion," said Paul Boylan, vice provost for the arts and dean of the School of Music in presenting the award. The interdisciplinary conference on disability and the arts explored broad notions of disability and ability as those concepts relate to artistic creativity, performance and intellect.

The Neubacher Award is given in memory of James Neubacher, a U-M alumnus and columnist for The Detroit News until his death in 1990 from multiple sclerosis. In his column "Disabled in Detroit," Neubacher battled for the rights and dignity of those who are disabled.

The award is made to a person affiliated with the University who has made significant achievement in removing barriers in programs and services, promoting acceptance and awareness of those with disabilities or advocating for the civil rights of those with disabilities to increase their participation in the life of their communities and nation.

Past winners of the award are William and Mary Waring, Joan E. Smith, Eric Silberberg, Emily K. Singer and Theodore M. Cole. The award is sponsored by the Council for Disability Concerns.