The University Record, October 30, 1995

Sponges and turtles and bats ... and computers, too

Focus on Teaching forums titled "Sponges, Turtles and Batsoh my! The Animal Diversity Web" and "You Can Do This! First Steps in Using Computer Presentation Technology" will be presented 3-5 p.m. Wed. (Nov. 1) in Rm. 1706, Dow Chemistry Bldg.

Phil Myers, associate professor of biology, has created the Animal Diversity Database, which includes more than 1,000 different images and descriptions of animals.

Gail Tait, lecturer in kinesiology, explains how she organizes a presentation that includes notes, commercial medical images and videodisc using PowerPoint.

Both presenters discuss how computer-based technology and the development of new instructional software programs have helped them in their teaching.

The Focus on Teaching series is sponsored by the Information Technology Division and the Office of the LS&A Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education.