The University Record, September 5 , 1995

Research staff get promotions

The following members of the University‘s primary research faculty have received promotions, effective Sept. 1.

In announcing the promotions in early August, Vice President for Research Homer A. Neal said his office “was impressed with the quality of the primary research promotion dossiers this year and the rigor of the external evaluations.”

Those promoted, their unit and new title are:

Enriqueta Barrera, geological scien-ces, associate research scientist; Ralph S. Conti, physics, associate research scientist; Robert C. Ball, physics, research scientist; John E. Schulenberg, Institute for Social Research, associate research scientist;

Ping Chun Chiao, internal medicine, assistant research scientist; Elahe Crockett-Torabi, pathology, assistant research scientist; Vinod Labhasetwar, pediatrics and communicable diseases, assistant research scientist; Vasantha Padmanabhan, pediatrics and communicable diseases and Reproductive Sciences program;

Gregory S. Friedrichs, pharmacology, assistant research scientist; Gail D. Winger, research scientist; Larry D. Gruppen, postgraduate medicine and health professions education, associate research scientist; Guo-Yuan Yang, surgery, assistant research scientist;

James H. Meador-Woodruff, Mental Health Research Institute, associate research scientist; C. Kwei Lin, School of Natural Resources and Environment, research scientist; Donald Umstadter, electrical engineering and computer science, associate research scientist; Ahmet Selamet, mechanical engineering and applied mechanics, associate research scientist;

Holly K. Craig, School of Education, research scientist; Carol Midgley, School of Education, associate research scientist; and Jean T. Shope, Transportation Research Institute, associate research scientist.