The University Record, September 25, 1995

LS&A faculty are cited for teaching, curricular innovations

Fifty-nine LS&A faculty have received 1995–96 Excellence in Education Awards for special contributions made to LS&A’s mission through their teaching and curricular innovations.

The awards were begun in 1991 in response to reports of the Central Committee on Undergraduate Education (CCUE) that criticized the College for inadequate recognition of faculty contributions to its educational mission.

An article in the October 1991 issue of LS&A magazine noted that CCUE members encouraged LS&A “to take the first step in changing the national climate in which faculty rewards are almost completely dependent upon research productivity by initiating a system for rewarding excellence in teaching.”

Nominations of individuals from all faculty ranks for the awards were made by chairs and directors.

The recipients, by academic unit, are:

American Culture: David Scobey; Anthropology: John C. Mitani, Milford H. Wolpoff and E. Valentine Daniel; Asian Languages and Cultures: Hsin-Hsin Liang; Biology: Eric D. Mann, Barry M. O’Connor and Kathryn W. Tosney;

Chemistry: Brian P. Coppola, David M. Lubman and Barbara J. Weathers; Classical Studies: David S. Potter; Communication Studies: Terri L. Sarris; Economics: Stefan E. Oppers, Carl P. Simon, Theodore C. Bergstrom, Robert M. Stern and Gary Rand Solon;

English: Ralph G. Williams, Theresa L. Tinkle, Jill A. Rosser, Lincoln B. Faller, John W. Rubadeau and Thylias Moss; English Composition Board: Wayne M. Butler and Barbra Smith Morris; English Language Institute: Carolyn Madden;

Geology: Kyger C. Lohmann, Philip A. Meyers and Robert M. Owen; German: Janet K. VanValkenburg and Hermann F. Weiss; History: Valerie Ann Kivelson and Susan M. Juster; Mathematics: John R. Stembridge, Curtis Huntington, Eugene F. Krause, Jack L. Goldberg and Michael I. Weinstein;

Philosophy: James M. Joyce and Jack W. Meiland; Physics: Fred C. Adams; Political Science: Hanes Walton Jr., Zvi Y. Gitelman and Donald Jay Herzog; Psychology: James L. Hilton, Mary Lou Davis, Susan A. Gelman and Christopher M. Peterson;

Residential College: Ann E. Savageau, Michael B. Hannum and Susan E. Crowell; Romance Languages: Juli A. Highfill and Lynn Carbon-Gorell; Sociology: Mark Chesler;

Statistics: Brenda K. Gunderson, Edward D. Rothman and Julian J. Faraway; Women’s Studies: Janet Hart.