The University Record, April 8, 1997

New Flint center focuses on outreach

U-M-Flint is establishing a Center for University Outreach to utilize University resources to meet the needs of the community in ways that contribute to the mission of teaching, research and service.

"The Center will serve as a focal point for interaction with the community," says Chancellor Charlie Nelms, "facilitating University access to the community and community access to the University, as well as providing a model for collaboration between university and community institutions."

The objectives of the Center are to:


Increase community access to U-M expertise and knowledge.


Facilitate sites and partners for community-based teaching and research endeavors.


Support and enhance student recruitment, retention and graduation through service-learning experiences in the community.


Identify, facilitate and manage partnerships between the University and community.


Respond in a timely manner to outreach opportunities in the region.