The University Record, April 8, 1997


Florida receives AAS prize
Nancy Florida, associate professor of Indonesian languages and literature, has received the 1997 Harry J. Benda Prize in Southeast Asian Studies from the Association for Asian Studies. Florida was cited "for a work that successfully marries erudition to passion and builds bridges to both the past and the future." Florida also is a faculty fellow of the Institute for the Humanities.


Liberzon and Healy awarded $60,000 grants
Israel Liberzon, assistant professor of psychiatry, and Daniel J. Healy, house officer in the Department of Psychiatry, each have been awarded research grants of $60,000 from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression. Liberzon will examine the biological characteristics of depression and anxiety disorders that develop after a person experiences a traumatic event. Healy's award will be used to study whether abnormalities in the brain's glutamate neurotransmitter system may underlie some of the biological causes of schizophrenia.


U-M Flint faculty, students honored by MAGB
Two faculty members and two students from U-M Flint were honored by the Michigan Association of Governing Boards of State Universities (MAGB) at their annual convocation this month. Madhukar Angur, assistant professor of marketing, Renate McLaughlin, professor of mathematics, and students Shaquel Evans and Benjamin Jones were recognized by MAGB, which honors top students and faculty from each of Michigan's 15 public universities each year.