The University Record, April 15, 1997

CRLT awards go to 18 lecturers

The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) has announced awards to a number of lecturers in various fields.

The Lecturers' Professional Development Fund Awards are designed to help lecturers with continuing appointments on the Ann Arbor campus develop their research. This year, 18 lectur ers received awards to conduct research in such areas as creative writing, drama, dance, feminism, trauma and oral health care.

The 18 recipients were chosen from more than 70 applicants, who submitted their proposals to CRLT in December.

"We were extremely pleased by the quality of the professional development proposals that came from lecturers on our campus," says Connie Cook, CRLT director. "They are very capable people, and it was a difficult task to choose amon g the 72 proposals they submitted, all with valid requests for funding. We were fortunate to be able to add to the allotted $20,000 an additional $14,000 from the Office of the Provost that enabled us to fund the 18 projects."

A list of the funded projects and the researchers who will conduct them is available on the WorldWide Web at profdev.htm.