The University Record, April 22, 1997

Honeyman to head CITI

From the Information Technology Division

Peter Honeyman, associate research scientist in the Information Technology Division (ITD), has been named director of ITD's Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI).

Announcement of his appointment was made March 27 by Jose-Marie Griffiths, ITD executive director and chief information officer.

"As director," Griffiths said, "Peter will lead advanced development and research projects, while establishing partnerships with external sponsors. He will focus his efforts on engaging with enterprising organizations outside the University to embark on joint research projects."

Honeyman has been with CITI since July 1986 and also is associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science. He is a member of the board of directors of the USENIX Association, author of numerous conference and journal papers, and participates in the planning of technical conferences and workshops around the world.

He holds degrees from Princeton University, and was a member of the technical staff at Bell Labs and assistant professor of computer science at Princeton.

His research focus is on security in distributed systems and distributed file systems for mobile computing. He has been instrumental in several software projects, including Honey DanBer UUCP, PathAlias, MacNFS and Disconnected AFS.

CITI is the applied research and development arm of ITD and was established in 1986 to investigate methods of providing the campus with a large-scale heterogeneous computing environment.