The University Record, April 22, 1997

Homeless winners in bedroll project

If you listened closely, you might have heard the words to "Do Re Mi" from the Sound of Music. But it wasn't play clothes for the Von Trapp children that were being fashioned from drapes. Fabric that once graced the windows of the Michigan League Ballroom was becoming bedrolls for the homeless.

From donated fabric, curtains, draperies, blankets, sheets, neckties, hats and hotel-sized toiletry items, U-M students and staff cut, tied, stitched and rolled the materials into bedrolls that Project SERVE students will deliver to Detroit's Sibley and Major Allen shelters for homeless families.

The Student Theater Arts program donated the space and sewing machines for the Saturday Bedroll Project, part of the 1997 "Into The Streets" program. Individuals and University Housing and Conferences and Seminars provided the toiletry items, and the KnitWits organization supplied stocking caps that became a part of each bedroll.

To participate in this ongoing project, contact Lisa Weiss, 763-5493, or send e-mail to No needlework or sewing skills are needed. Photo by Joanne Nesbit