The University Record, August 13, 1997


Mayer awarded SCUP Founder's (Casey) Award

Fred Mayer, assistant director of capital planning and university planner, was awarded the Society for College and University Planning's (SCUP) Founder's "Casey" Award for Distinguished Achievement in Higher Education Planning. The award recognizes achievement in higher education planning and contributions to the literature, development of planning models, and other achievements that raise the standards of planning theory and practice.


U-M-Dearborn staff members recognized for exceptional service

As part of a campuswide staff recognition program, several U-M-Dearborn staff members were honored for their extraordinary customer service, productivity improvement and community service. Staff members were nominated by the campus community.

Jesse Cross, senior electronics technician in electrical and computer engineering, received the long-term achievement award.

Linda Davis, academic services clerk in the College of Arts, Sciences and Letters, received the award for customer service.

Grounds Maintenance staff members Mark Hostetter, Robert St. Clair, Lawrence Walters Jr., Jeanette Whiting and Robert Crocker received the team award for customer service.

Sharon Pearl, financial aid office administrative assistant, received the award for quality/productivity improvement.

Media service staff members Jean Ryski, David Daniele, Michael Kmiec and Gregory Taylor received the team award for quality improvement.

Annette Lozon, government relations associate, received the project achievement award.

Jefferi Holland, supervisor of engineering computer labs, received the community service award.

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Day Committee members Judy Kennard, Shannon Dyer, Randy Frank, Sharon Bingley, Helen Santiz, Eric Bolling, Craig Dzovigian, Cheri Anderson, Barbara Showalter, Michael Thomas and Corey Hilton received the team award for community service.