The University Record, December 10, 1996

Career development awards fund 37 women faculty

Thirty-seven women faculty members have received Career Development Fund awards in a competition held earlier this fall.

The fund, part of the Michigan Agenda for Women, provides discretionary accounts of $5,000. The program is designed to recognize and address the disproportionate share of service commitments carried by women faculty.

The funds may be used to support graduate students, travel, books, computers or other discretionary purchases relating to scholarship, research or creative activity.

Applicants were selected based on scholarly and service records. Service includes any professionally related activities that draw away from an applicants scholarly agenda.

Award recipients are:

Susan E. Alcock, associate professor of classical studies; Kate Barald, associate professor of anatomy and cell biology; Jill B. Becker, associate professor of psychology; Patrice Speeter Beddor, associate professor of linguistics; Celeste Brusati, associate professor of history of art;

Judith Wynn Cameron, assistant professor of nursing; Eva L. Feldman, associate professor of neurology; Betsy Foxman, associate professor of epidemiology; C. Olivia Frost, professor of information and library studies; Caroline A. Gaither, assistant professor of pharmacy;

Linda Gregerson, associate professor of English; Hope Haefner, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology; Sioban D. Harlow, assistant professor of epidemiology; Anne Herrmann, associate professor of English and of women's studies; Mary M. Hogan, assistant professor of nursing;

Sylvia Hurtado, assistant professor of education; Janice M. Jenkins, professor of electrical engineering and computer science; Susan Juster, associate professor of history; Deborah Keller-Cohen, professor of linguistics; Janine Maddock, assistant professor of biology; M. Victoria Marx, associate professor of radiology;

Laura J. Olsen, assistant professor of biology; Geneva M. Omann, associate professor of surgery and of biological chemistry; Elizabeth M. Petty, assistant professor of human genetics; Roberta Pileggi, assistant professor of cariology; Diane M. Robins, associate professor of human genetics;

Ann Marie Sastry, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics; Elizabeth Shadigian, clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology; Kristine Siefert, professor of social work; Sherri Smith, professor of art; Joan S. Stark, professor of education; Kathryn Stecke, associate professor of operations management;

Sharon E. Sutton, professor of architecture and urban planning; Karen van Hoek, assistant professor of linguistics; Deborah S. Walker, assistant professor of nursing; Caroline Wang, assistant professor of health behavior and health education; and Patricia Yaeger, associate professor of English.