The University Record, December 17, 1996

Use of overdrawn UMCE accounts
will be suspended Jan. 6

On Jan. 6, all faculty, staff and students will need sufficient funds in their U-M Computing Environment (UMCE) accounts in order to continue to use computing services. If there are insufficient funds at the beginning of each month, access to all services subscribed to will be temporarily suspended until additional funding is arranged.

This includes IMAP/POP e-mail, file storage on IFS, login service, statistics and computation service, Lotus Notes, Confer U, dial-in access, and printing at the Campus Computing Sites.

Each month, a $10 computing allocation is deposited in each UMCE individual account for Ann Arbor faculty, regular staff and registered students. This allocation helps pay for the UMCE services chosen. If the $10 allocation does not meet your needs, UMCE departmental, sponsored, and self-funded accounts may be set up. Under this plan, each account is tapped only when funding in the account preceding it runs out. Particular services such as dial-in access also may be charged to a separate account.

To avoid interruption, try these three easy steps:


Subscribe only to the services you want; unsubscribe from services you no longer need.


Watch your account balance when you dial in often or print frequently at the Campus Computing Sites, especially toward the end of the month.


Set up alternative funding sources if you are concerned that the $10 monthly allocation provided by ITD will run out.

Drop in or call the ITD Accounts Office for assistance. The staff can check your subscriptions, help you figure out what services you need, set-up alternative funding sources and offer suggestions on how to get more for your money. The ITD Accounts Office is located on the lower level of the Michigan Union in the Campus Computing Site. The office is open 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri. For more information, call 764-8000 or send e-mail to

If you have questions about departmental or sponsored accounts, see the account administrator in your school or department.

Information about subscription services and managing accounts also has been published in print and on the Information Technology Web site, ITDweb (

Computer consultants at 764-HELP (764-4357) and the ITD Campus Computing Sites can help you learn how to monitor your subscriptions and account balance.

QuickNote: Managing Your UMCE Individual Account, Step-by-step S4172, and QuickNote: Subscribing to UMCE Services, Step-by-step S4173, available at the Sites and the ITD Information System (, can also help you get started.

How much does it cost?

Here is an abbreviated price list for UMCE services. For a complete listing and full details visit the ITDweb at URL:


Commonly requested subscription services:


IMAP/POP e-mail: $0.50 per month. Use of Pine e-mail requires a subscription to IFS and either the login service or the statistics and computation service.


ITD login service: $1.00 per month. Login service requires a subscription to the Institutional File System (IFS).


ITD statistics and computation service: $4.50 per month. Requires a subscription to the Institutional File System (IFS).


File Space (IFS): $0.09/megabyte per month (5 megabyte min.---$0.45)


Confer U for participants: $0.35 per month (1 megabyte)


Confer U for Organizers: $1.75 per month (5 megabytes)


Lotus Notes for Participants: $3 per month


Lotus Notes for Organizers: $5 per month (5 megabyte min.)


Access to U-M Online content: $0.16 per month


ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network): $30 per month. (Note that an additional fee is charged by Ameritech.)


Commonly requested metered services (pay per use):


Printing: $0.08 per side of page


Dial-in access: $4.40 minimum monthly subscription charge

Prime Time (5-11 p.m.): $0.44

Daytime (6 a.m.-5 p.m.): $0.22

Economy Time (11 p.m.-6 a.m.): $0.11.