The University Record, December 17, 1996


Photos by Bob Kalmbach

The Business and Finance Division honors staff each fall with Distinguished Staff Awards presented at a dinner in November. The awards recognize staff members who,'through the application of their skills and efforts, have served the University and the broader community in an exemplary manner.'

The award includes a plaque and a cash award.

Last week, two awardees from the division were featured in the You Count at the U section of the Record. They are Vicki Merline and Darlene Starks. Featured this week are Fred Caryl, Dennis McBee and Rudolf Volkmann.

Fred Caryl, assistant manager for financial operations, was nominated for the Business and Finance Distinguished Staff Award by Vicki Merline, John Avery, Art Piekutowski, Barb Partridge, Deborah Lindsley and Cheryl Ellul. 'He gets everyone involved and has the ability to defuse even the most heated discussions,' noted his nominators. 'When you approach him with new ideas, he takes the time to listen with an open mind.'

Dennis McBee, postal clerk in Mail Service, was nominated for the award by Bill Griffin, assistant manager at Mail Service.

McBee is 'extremely dedicated to providing the best service possible to our customers,' Griffin noted in his nomination. A University employee for 22 years, McBee has been a custodian, cook, finish machine operator and a duplicator operator. He also writes science fiction.

His nomination included stories that showed his dedication for getting the mail through no matter what. Once, when mail delivery to the School of Education Building was blocked by construction, he is reported to have shimmied up a tree to make hi s appointed rounds.


Jack Bernard, at left, received the Neubacher Award from the Council for Disability Concerns in October. Bernard was chosen 'in recognition of the significant contributions he has made on behalf of all people with disabilities. He has been instrumental in promoting efforts to improve the accessiblity of computer technology for people with disabilities,' noted his citation.

Lucy Cohen, manager of human resources for the University Library, and her staff have 'exhibited patience and persisitence in trying various ways to provide accommodations which will allow employees to remain on the job and also allow Library units to successfully complete their work.'


Rudolf Volkmann, area manager for Plant Building Services, was nominated for the Business and Finance Distinguished Staff Award by Marge Blevins, custodial supervisor.

'For his work with staff initiatives, Rudolph has demonstrated the energy and enthusiasm that has made him highly successful as well as distinguished,' noted the selection committee. Volkmann has become a trainer in the Seven Habits of Highly Eff ective People.

An interest in photography has led him to take photos for the Business and Finance Distinguished Staff Awards Program.

Co-workers describe him as fascinating---he spent part of his childhood in a castle in Europe, taught world history at Southwestern University (Mass.), was a high school teacher in Connecticut and makes false teeth for a dental laboratory.

The Council for Disability Concerns has created a certificate of appreciation to acknowledge University faculty and staff whose actions have significantly benefited people with disabilities on campus. Those selected have undertaken exceptional efforts to accomodate emplyees and students with disabilities.