The University Record, February 11, 1997

Weather Web sites deluged with awards

By Stephenie Koehn


Two Web sites operated by the University's Weather Underground Project have received a flood of recognition for excellence in design and content. The Weather Underground Project web page and WeatherNet have both been named "Platinum Sites" by NetGuide, an on-line publication that reviews Web sites. NetGuide screened more than 100,000 URLs, reviewing some 50,000 sites, before awarding the Platinum Award to just 5,000. WeatherNet was also named "The best weather site on the Web" by HomePC Magazine.

"This is quite an honor for the students, staff and volunteers who have made these sites possible. We knew they were popular, as our sites have been accessed more than 24 million times since their formation 28 months ago, but these awards reflect the value of the content to the Internet community," says Perry Samson, the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, who founded and directs the Weather Underground Project.

"You'd have a tough time finding a better collection on weather," said NetGuide of WeatherNet, adding that "this site covers it all."