The University Record, January 7, 1997

Regents Baker, Varner attend last meeting as U-M Regents

Regents Nellie Varner (at left) and Deane Baker (right photo) attended their last meeting in December as members of the Board of Regents. Baker, who had served the University for 24 years, accepted a plaque from Regent Dan Horning and Varner accepted one from Regent Laurence Deitch. Varner has served as Regent for 16 years.

'Regent Baker has never shied away from representing his own views and those of his constituents, and has often participated in spirited debates on a wide range of issues,' noted the Board of Regents in Baker's citation. 'Always a gentleman, Regent Baker has argued his views persuasively and with heartfelt eloquence and passion.'

'Regent Varner's background as a University of Michigan faculty member and administrator has served her well as she has tackled the broad array of challenges that has faced this complex institution during her tenure,' wrote the Regents in their resolution honoring Varner. 'With compassion, courage and wisdom Regent Varner has helped set the University's course in such important areas as affirmative action and the expansion of educational and career opportunities for women.'