The University Record, January 28, 1997

Neal announces new presidential fund for diversity at U-M

The University will establish a President's New Century Fund for Diversity "to create programs that will accelerate the University's progress toward the many-faceted goals for diversity at the U-M," interim President Homer A. Neal announced Jan. 20.

"We have made considerable progress through efforts guided by the Michigan Mandate and the Michigan Agenda for Women," he said. "We must move forward and address the climate that surrounds our work and our lives at the University and as citizens of the State of Michigan.

"It is time to reach new understandings of how work environments, living environments, and learning environments are enriched when diversity is productively engaged. If we are to reach the highest levels of understanding and action, our efforts must come together in new and different ways so that the aspirations of all members of the University are realized. With this Fund, we will continue to address the needs of our students and the citizens of our state."

As part of the University's continuing commitment to diversity andmulticulturalism, Neal said, the Fund will support "action and action-research efforts that advance the goals of the Michigan Agenda for Women and the Michigan Mandate.

"With this action, and with great optimism for our future and the full support of President-designate Lee Bollinger, I have dedicated $450,000 to new programs through the Fund," Neal said.

The Fund will be administered by Lisa Tedesco, who was recently appointed as presidential associate for special programs and who will have responsibility in the President's Office for general oversight of the Michigan Mandate and the Michigan Agenda for Women. Tedesco also is professor of dentistry and associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Dentistry.