The University Record, March 11, 1997

14 receive funding for work on women, gender

Fourteen faculty members have received awards from the Institute for Research on Women and Gender for scholarly activities on women and gender. The awards, which range from $2,500 to $10,000, will support work in two research centers, five schools and colleges, and more than 11 academic departments.

"The interdisciplinary review committee was truly impressed by the outstanding quality, range and diversity of the applications," says Institute Director Abigail J. Stewart. "Being able to support excellent scholarship of this nature gives us great confidence in the future of scholarship on women and gender, and in the faculty to define and shape it.

"It makes it possible for us to identify ways we can coordinate research efforts so they have a broader impact and meaning, as well as work to influence funding priorities, public policies and curricular changes."

Award recipients are: Ruth Behar, professor of anthropology and of women's studies; Sueann Caulfield, assistant professor of history; Susan Contratto, lecturer in psychology and in women's studies; Constance Cook, associate professor of education and director, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching; Barbara Fredrickson, assistant professor of psychology; Sioban Harlow, assistant professor of epidemiology; Ann Chih Lin, assistant professor of political science; Carla O'Connor, assistant professor of education; Sonya Rose, professor of history, of sociology and of women's studies and chair, Department of History; Patricia Simons, associate professor of history of art and of women's studies; Maureen Walton, health science research associate, Alcohol Research Center; Frederic Blow, assistant research scientist in psychiatry; Sharon Mudd, clinical nurse specialist, Alcohol Research Center; and Meiko Yoshihama, assistant professor of social work.