The University Record, March 11, 1997

Michigan Radio introduces changes to weekend lineup

Weekends on Michigan Radio sound a bit different these days with the addition of 11 new shows last month. The new lineup features a comedy, a documentary, interview programs, a game show, a literary discussion and more.




7 a.m.: "Breakfast at Random House," a 13-part series of discussions about literature.


7:30 a.m.: "Artbeat: The Radio Journal of Arts in America."


1-2 p.m.: "Only A Game," weekly sports magazine featuring Bill Littlefield.


2-3 p.m.: "Sounds Like Science," hosted by Ira Flatow and National Public Radio (NPR) science reporter Joe Palca, reviews the week's science news.


3-4 p.m.: "Living on Earth," a weekly environmental news and information program that formerly aired at 7:30 p.m.


4-5 p.m.: "This American Life," hosted by NPR producer and reporter Ira Glass.


6-7 p.m.: "With Heart and Voice," which previously aired 11 a.m. Sunday, features choral and organ works by Richard Gladwell.




7-8 a.m.: "Sound and Spirit," a program of music, interviews and essays celebrating the human experience hosted by Ellen Kushner.


11 a.m.-noon: "Classical Crossovers!" explores classical music intersection with folk, jazz and other types of music.


Noon-1 p.m.: "My Word/My Music," a BBC game show, moves from Saturday at 2 p.m.


3-4 p.m.: "Le Show," Harry Shearer's weekly hour of topical satire amidst pop music from the '40s-'90s.


4-5 p.m.: "Best of Fresh Air," features highlights of the previous week's "Fresh Air With Terry Gross" interview show.


8-9 p.m.: "New Dimensions" interview show hosted by Michael Toms moves up one hour.


9-9:30 p.m.: "Insight & Outlook," a weekly series of interviews hosted by Scott Landon.


9:30-10 p.m.: "Living Dialogues," a new interview show on health subjects, hosted by Duncan Campbell.