The University Record, March 11, 1997


Counterpart needed for LGBPO program
Since the University of Michigan prides itself on promoting diversity and equal rights, and works against discrimination and bigotry, I hope someone will announce the counterpart to the Lesbian and Gay Bisexual Programs Office's panel discussion which you headlined (11 February) "When Someone You Love is Gay."

In the program that was described, the point of view seemed to be that the gay person is the one causing the problem, being difficult, or just plain wrong. Hmmm. Did it occur to anyone that it might be the straight person who is causing the trou ble, being difficult or just plain wrong?

The next program, I trust, will discuss the topic "When Someone You Love is Straight." Maybe the Christian Coalition will sponsor that one---such would make as much sense as the Lesbian and Gay office's sponsorship of the other one!

Bert G. Hornback, professor emeritus of English