The University Record, March 11, 1997

A whale of an exhibition

The most ambitious exhibit project ever undertaken by the Exhibit Museum, "Back to the Sea: The Evolution of Whales," will be the most complete exhibition of its type in the world. The exhibition is scheduled to be completed in October. Many of the specimens that will be shown have never before been displayed. U-M paleontologists discovered a fascinating series of 'missing links' in Egypt and Pakistan that will fill in some of the blanks in the story of evolution of whales. The exhibition will feature complete and partial skeletons of six ancient whales, tracing the path of their evolution from wolf-like terrestrial creatures to the fully aquatic mammals we know today. To help finance the project, the Museum is looking for sponsors of the Dorudon atrox, shown above, in its buy-a-bone fundraising efforts. To help fund the exhibition, call the Museum, 763-4190, or pick up a brochure at the Museum.