The University Record, March 25, 1997

It's not too early to get ready for M-Pathways

By Gretchen Weir

Although work has started on M-Pathways, most of us won't be affected by new information systems and revised business practices until 1998. But there are steps you can take now to get ready for the changes to come:

Become a Web user. Many people will use M-Pathways data without ever having to learn PeopleSoft. We expect that much of the information you retrieve from paper reports today will eventually be available on-line.

Get comfortable using Windows 95, Windows NT or a Mac. We are exploring ways to deliver information to your desktop without requiring new machines, so do not buy computers now for M-Pathways. However, if you have the opportunity to use Windows 95, Windows NT, or a Mac, do so. PeopleSoft uses the same menus and mouse techniques. If you turn out to be one of those "power users" who will learn PeopleSoft, you'll find it an easy transition from Windows or a Mac.

Start using a P-Card for purchasing. A key to streamlining the ordering process is the Michigan Purchasing Card. By using the P-Card, you can eliminate the need for a purchase order and an accounts payable audit. P-Card users will experience additional benefits once the PeopleSoft procurement module is in place in July 1998. To apply for a P-Card, contact a purchasing card service representative at 647-7333 or via e-mail to

Visit our Web site at You will find a project description, lists of participants and upcoming events.