The University Record

March 25, 1997
Volume 51, Number 26

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Regent's Roundup  
Orthotics and Prosthetics Center helps mold new lives
Sculpture stands in memory of early profs
Medical illustrator makes all the puzzle pieces fit
LTD plan rates increase this month
National discussion of women's, human rights needed
It's not too early to get ready for M-Pathways
Universities must `change the nature of the debate' on race relations
Flower Show features 'An American Garden'
Buhr set for addition to relieve bulging shelves at Graduate Library
Adaptive computing site at Shapiro Library reflects users' needs
Want to break 'glass ceiling'? Be a leader where you are
LGBPO celebrates 25 years
U retains outside firm to investigate basketball allegations
Comet Hale-Bopp lights up April sky
Tornado season is upon us
Be aware of office politics
Endowment Fund Report
Web site supplements course materials for MSE 250