The University Record, May 20, 1997

35 graduate from Business & Finance
Management Institute

By Rebecca A. Doyle

Thirty-five staff members graduated from the 1997 Management Institute, an annual staff development program sponsored by the U-M's Business and Finance Division. The institute is designed to provide office, technical and professional administrative staff with leadership and management training as well as a broad perspective on the special needs of higher education.

Participants in the institute spend two intensive weekends and seven full days listening to presentations and in conversations with senior administrators and faculty, as well as extra time of their own on team projects assigned early in the program. Most participants spend two---five hours of their own time each week working on the projects. Results of the group projects are presented on the last day of the institute.

As part of their management skill training, participants also spend time in a special challenge program designed by the Department of Recreational Sports to build team communication and spirit.

Those who have graduated from the institute have a deeper understanding of the place of higher education in society, understanding of the issues that face higher education in this decade and the next, an understanding of the decision-making processes and of the major divisions within an institution of higher education, knowledge of fiscal management in higher education, management strategies for top quality service and an understanding of the important role played by each individual within the University community in reaching the U-M's goals.

Graduates of the 1997 Management Institute are: Debra Armburgey, Lenna Aris, Ravinder Banda, Stuart Berry, Horace I. Bomar III, Robin R. Campbell, Mark D. Comstock, Shelly M. Crundwell, Nora Gessert, Norma Glennie, Pamela A. Gonzales, Shirley A. Harris,

Melissa T. Hawkins, Jean M. Hazzard, Nancy K. Heaton, Gregory J. Irwin, Jacqueline A. Jeffery, Kathleen A. Keeton, James A. Kosteva, Thomas E. Madden, Patricia Neil, Beverlye K. Owens, Michael J. Patton, Janet Peake,

Kenn Rapp, Christine Reed, Steven J. Schlecht, Patti Sweeny, Stephanie Weix, Christopher J. White, Scott L. Wood, Rena J. Worley, Lynette M. Wright, Julia M. Wudyker and Roberta J. Young.