The University Record, November 5, 1996

Direct Deposit available for travel and hosting reimbursements

From the Payroll Office

The University Payroll Office offers direct deposit for your pay. It's simple, safe, convenient and reliable. With direct deposit, your money is in your account on payday. Whether you're on vacation, sick or traveling out of town on business, your pay will automatically be deposited and available for your use.

There is now another reason to sign up for direct deposit. If you have your payroll checks direct-deposited into your bank account, you're eligible to receive your travel and hosting expense reimbursements via direct deposit as well. Reimbursements via direct deposit are processed daily, and a notice is sent to you following the transaction. You will be reimbursed faster using the direct deposit option. The University's Travel and Hosting Expense Reports have been modified to incorporate this option.

Direct deposit forms are available in most departments, or you can call the Payroll Office at 764-8250. Questions concerning direct deposit for travel and hosting expense reimbursements can be directed to the Accounts Payable and Travel Office, 764-6253, or send e-mail to