The University Record, November 5, 1996

U-M celebrates Veteran's Day on Diag

On Veteran's Day (Nov. 11) the Air Force, Navy and Army ROTC detachments at the University will be honoring veterans with an hour-long public flag ceremony beginning at 11 a.m. on the Diag. The Air Force Honor Guard and Army Drill team will perform. The Tri-Service Color Guard will present the actual flag ceremony.

Air Force ROTC Cadet 1st Lt. Gregg Olsowy will narrate the event.

Col. Michael Allen, chair of U-M's Air Force Officer Education program, will introduce guests, including Ralph Miller, a World War II veteran and former POW.

The Tri-Service Color Guard, the same group of cadets and midshipmen that performs at the Michigan football games, will retire the flag under the direction of Midshipman 2/C John Opalinski.

The Army drill team is under the command of Cadet Kenny Kuniyuki. Cadet 1st. Lt. Christine Baker commands the Air Force Honor Guard. She will lead one performing unit, Cadet Sara Legler the other.

The entire Air Force ROTC cadet wing, Navy ROTC battalion and Army ROTC battalion will attend the event, as will approximately 100 AFROTC delegates from neighboring states. The 70-member Air Force Cadet Wing is under the command of Cadet Col. Shane Blackmer; the Army ROTC Battalion Commander is led by Cadet Leslie Wang. The 110-member Navy ROTC Battalion is commanded by Midshipman 1/C Dan Fillion.