The University Record, November 5, 1996

Special Collections Library holds first duplicate book auction

By Janis Apted Giannini
University Library

The Special Collections Library is holding its first Duplicate Book Mail Auction through Thurs. (Nov. 7). A total of 1,017 lots will be sold to the highest bidders. The items represent an accumulation of duplicate titles that has been growing over several decades. Many were part of donations of entire private collections, which inevitably contained some titles already owned by the Library. Donors generously allowed the Library to retain items for sale with proceeds going to future acquisitions for the collection.

All items are detailed in a catalog of almost 200 pages. One-third of the items offered for sale are literary. American and English literature are best represented, along with a large selection of classical literature in both original languages and translations, as well as French, German, Italian, Slavic and Spanish literature. Other large subject categories include book arts (the history and art of printing, bookbinding and book collecting), early English imprints, early continental imprints (one incunabulum along with 16th- and 17th-century titles), early science (16th- to 19th-centuries), fine and private press books, and accounts of voyages, travels and explorations.

Catalogs and bid sheets of sale items are $4. Send a check made out to the University of Michigan to the Special Collections Library, 711 Hatcher Graduate Library, Ann Arbor 48109-1205.

For further information, call Peggy Daub or Karla Vandersypen, 764-9377.