The University Record, November 19, 1996


Photos by Bob Kalmbach

Benjie Johnson, administrative associate in the Department of Dermatology, received the Outstanding Leadership award during the Workplace of the '90s Conference for her 'honesty and accessibility' and support for her staff. 'Her genuine support and interest in short-term and regular staff increases her ability to identify and resolve both productivity and personnel issues.'

James R. Randolph, assistant director of the Division of Research Development and Administration, won the Distinguished Service Award because he 'makes a positive difference for individuals and units across the University.' He was cited for his enjoyment of his work and his ability to 'translate complex information and action steps for potential grant applicants.'

Cathleen Conway-Perrin was awarded the Rebecca Vaughan Distinguished Service Award from the Women of Color Task Force. Conway-Perrin was cited for her leadership abilitites and 'the qualities of cooperation and flexibility which make her an exemplar team player.'

Jim Birchfield, was one of the 40 staff members in Printing Services, Purchasing and Stores honored by Grounds and Waste Management Services. THe unit received a Waste Reduction Award to recognize their recycling efforts. Last year, Printing Services collected and recycled 113.7 tons of paper, 16 tons of currugated cardboard, 727 pounds of aluminum, 51 pounds of brass and 24 pounds of silver. The equipment shown helps collect recyclable materials and compress them.

Dan Schleh (left) and David Kluck (right), food service managers in West Quad and South Quad, respectively, have 'worked cooperatively with Employment Services and other campus units to assist with the placement of regular employees who need to return to work with job accomodations.'

The Council for Disability Concerns has created a certificate of appreciation to acknowledge University faculty and staff whose actions have significantly benefited people with disabilities on campus. Those selected have undertaken exceptional efforts to accommodate employees and students with disabilities.