The University Record, November 26, 1996

Beckley will return to CAUP faculty

Robert M. Beckley, who has served as dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) for the past ten years, will return to the faculty at the College at the end of his current term as dean. Beginning July 1, Beckley will return to research, consulting work and teaching in urban design.

"This is a good time, both for myself and for college, to step aside and let someone else assume leadership," Beckley says. "I am looking forward to continuing to serve the college in other capacities. After all, that's what we all go into higher education for."

Provost J. Bernard Machen has initiated a national search to fill the deanship and has charged a search committee to "present me with an unranked slate of final candidates by the spring of 1997."

"Through Dean Beckley's efforts," Machen says, "and with the help of the faculty and the staff, the College of Architecture and Urban Planning has achieved greater distinction and program reputation in the national and international arenas. As a result, the College is well-positioned to move ahead into the next century.

"We owe Dean Beckley a debt of gratitude and wish him well as he returns to the faculty."

The search committee members are:

John H. D'Arms (chair), the Gerald F. Else Professor of Classical Studies and professor of history; Brian Carter, professor of architecture; Hemalata Dandekar, director of the Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies; Robert W. Marans, professor of architecture and urban planning; Elizabeth L. Sears, associate professor of history of art; Sharon Sutton, professor of architecture and urban planning; and Elizabeth Vandermark, graduate student in architecture and urban planning. Staff support will be provided by Katherine B. Soper, assistant to the associate provost.

Reach the committee by sending e-mail to