The University Record, October 1, 1996

Five renovation projects are given the go-ahead

Renovation projects approved by the Regents at their September meeting include:


A $314,500 project for the tunnel between the Central Power Plant and the Rackham Building will include replacing the expansion joints in the low pressure and high pressure steam lines. The existing joints are in poor repair and some are leaking.


A $322,000 project for the tunnel serving the Michigan Union and the West Quadrangle Building will include repairing water and steam lines for the two buildings. The steel domestic hot water supply feed pipes are badly corroded and must be replaced.


A $250,000 project to remodel Rooms 1060 and 1070 in the North University Building will create a biological anthropology research laboratory.


A $210,000 project will remodel existing laboratory and office space in Rooms 2120 through 2136 of the Space Research Building to establish an interdisciplinary teaching/research laboratory.

"This laboratory," noted Executive Vice President Farris W. Womack, "will provide important, hands-on experience in Global Change Research for both graduate and undergraduate students and will also provide a long-term database that will contain a unique record of the changing environment." One-half of the renovation cost will be provided by a matching grant from the National Science Foundation.


A $180,000 project for the President's Residence. "Following many decades of exterior maintenance and repair and scheduled repainting, much of the exterior substrate (stucco and lath) of the building is no longer capable of sustaining additional paint without removing existing layers and repairing the stucco," Womack said. The project will repair the damaged portions of the substrate (estimated to total between 5 percent and 10 percent of the surface area) and repaint the entire building. The work also will include structural repairs to miscellaneous wood trim and ornamental wood components, miscellaneous gutter and waterproofing repairs and improvements, and replacement of a number of deteriorated steel casement windows.